Charleston Flat Fee Real Estate Program Utilizing The MLS

Why Does Our Charleston Flat Free Program Believe In The MLS?

The Realtor's Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the most powerful tool you have to get your property sold. It is where agents working with buyers look for available properties to show them. About 85% of properties nationwide sell through the MLS. The numbers are there for the taking, which is why we advise and guide all of our clients to utilize the MLS in order to complete a successful sale.

A Charleston Flat Fee Real Program Guides You Through Each Step

The MLS is secure, and only Realtor's/agents can view it. The only way you can get your property on the MLS is to hire a Realtor to put you there. When you work with us, this is exactly what you receive.  So the benefit of being listed in the MLS is your property sells faster due to increased exposure, and the right kind of exposure. Be assured that our realtors and flat fee real estate program in Charleston know how this process works.  We save you money by not charging a listing commission (you just pay the Buyer's Agent the commission you list in the MLS). To add, you can still sell your property by yourself (FSBO), and pay no commissions if the buyer has no agent!

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